Why does MotivLabs Exist

At Motiv we have been working with large scale and complex CMS’s rollouts, implementations and integrations. What we learned is that every business has a need for expertise in these areas. MotivLabs was setup by Motiv as an R&D and Engineering department focused on providing business solutions and outcomes.

Our passion as a technical team is using the skills and expertise we have to drive software development that makes sense in the business world. While we have expertise in many areas of technology ranging from Docker to Java to Golang to Kubernetes to to Cassandra to Microservice Design our main focus is ECI

The ECI space is an all too important space often overlooked or just ignored. It’s been said a business would fall into disaster and cease to exist if it were to lose its data. Can you imagine a financial institution or any business losing it’s content? What would happen? As a business grows there are many Content and Data systems which get installed and used. In today’s world of Governance and Compliance how do businesses know what Content is where and how do they integrate the Content for everything from Search to Display to Sync? These questions are the heart of MotivLabs and drive our heart, passion and existence

Technology & Architecture

It’s been said that if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.

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Software Coding Standards

MotivLabs engineers work with a variety of code and software. Coding Standards on this page represent how MotivLabs engineers code...

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