November 28th 2020

dotCMS Enterprise Services is Now Motiv

The dotCMS Executive Team and Board of Directors is pleased to announce a series of moves designed to advance the customer experience, improve customer ROI, and meet the evolving needs of the dotCMS Enterprise community. The growing demand for more professional and product services to support, expand and meet specific business outcomes & strategies has motivated the software company to reorganize its operations and provide broader access to available, seasoned dotCMS experts and resources.

The dotCMS Enterprise Services team has created a separate business unit, to be known as Motiv Solutions (Motiv), where we can operate as a more agile service organization to meet the growing requirements around content management -- including expanded end-to-end support, plugin development, integration, modernization, compliance & governance, cloud managed services and other product-based professional services.

"Today's marketplace demands better business outcomes and software companies have to react quickly to transform customer support into customer engagement," said Tim Brigham, co-founder of dotCMS and now in charge of Motiv's operations. "This expansion will provide dotCMS licensed customers with a more seamless experience in combining warranties and support services with expert consulting & professional services. All of this is available under one roof."